Family traditions are a staple for the holiday season. Your family might light a menorah for Hanukkah, decorate a Christmas tree, or participate in some other meaningful activity each year during the holidays. These traditions provide comfort and security, reinforce family values, and leave lasting memories.

If you’re looking to introduce a new tradition this year, below are some fun ideas you can try.

1. Give Back

Ask a local animal shelter what they need this winter (i.e., blankets, food, toys). Shop for those items with your child and safely deliver them to the shelter.

2. Send Holiday Cards

Make an assembly line and assign a task to each member of your family, such as stuff envelopes, stick stamps and make a finished pile. When you’re finished, ask your child to count the total number of cards.

3. Host a Movie Night

Wear festive pajamas and watch a holiday movie together. Make popcorn and fill your living room with lots of blankets and pillows.

4. Thank Community Helpers

Make or purchase a small gift for your mail carrier, trash collector or crossing guard. Ask your child to make a card to accompany the gift.

5. See Light Displays

Take a drive with your child after dark and look at holiday lights in your neighborhood. Turn on festive music and ask your child to choose his favorite house.