5 Sensory Activities for Your Curious BabyThe world is a brand new place for your baby, so you’ve probably noticed that he wants to explore any chance that he gets. He might crawl towards toys, reach out for you, or gaze at objects moving around him.

You can foster this growing curiosity by engaging in sensory activities with your little one. They provide fun learning experiences for him and special bonding time for both of you. Below are some of our favorites that you can try together at home.

1. Toy Cooking Utensils

Give your baby plastic cooking utensils, such as spoons and spatulas, along with a large bowl. Place appropriate finger foods in the bowl and encourage him to pick up the utensils and use them to move the food around. Choose utensils with different sized handles so he learns how to grasp and hold objects in various ways.

2. Mess-Free Finger Paint

Place a piece of poster board in a large Ziploc® bag. Add different colors of finger paint into the bag, press the air out, and seal shut. Encourage your child to squish and move the paint around with his fingers. When he’s finished, remove the poster board and let dry.

3. Textured Cloths

Find cloths of different textures, such as a satin pillowcase, bumpy washcloth, or soft cotton blanket. Gently rub the item over your baby’s arms or legs. Talk about what he feels. Afterwards, let him grab and touch the items.

4. Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is an inexpensive activity that can help develop your infant’s visual and motor skills. As the bubbles float through the air, he’ll track them with his eyes and may even be motivated to reach up and pop them.

5. Multi-Sensory Box

Decorate a cardboard box with bright colors and patterns. Each week, place three or four different items in the box. Take the items out one at a time and allow your baby to touch and explore them. For older infants, name the items and encourage him to repeat the new word.