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Summer Vacation 2017

From the Principal’s Office

A big hello…..
Happy 4th of July!! We hope you had a great holiday and awesome weekend! Pre-K Graduation was such a huge success! All of the children and teachers worked extremely hard on their performance. Summer is here, and we have all felt the summer heat. We are trying to keep cool with our water days! Check out our Summer calendar for SPLASH DAY dates so your child can join in on all the fun. We would also like to thank all of our families who have brought in sunscreen to their child’s teacher. It is so important to protect our children’s skin against harmful UV rays. Please apply sunscreen in the morning before school. We will reapply sunscreen in the afternoon, per a sunscreen form filled out by a parent. If you have not done so, please send sunscreen along with a sunscreen form.
Classroom transitions will happen sometime between July to the end of August. A letter was sent home with your child’s move up date and assigned classroom. This transition will be calm and relaxed; move ups are determined by spaces available in the areas our graduates transition out of the center.
These next couple months will be a blast! We look forward to a wonderful summer with you!
Until September…Christy Lang, Principal


School Spirit Days!

7/3=Patriotic Day

7/13= Neon Day

7/21=Animal Print Day
7/27= Pirate Day

8/1=Plaid & Polka Dot Day

8/10= Crazy Hair Day

8/18= D.I Colors

8/24= Pajama Day

Other Dates to Remember…

7/4= School Closed

8/6= Open House

8/22= First Day of School (School Age)
8/24= End of Summer Potluck

About our Teachers!

Happy Anniversary
Ms. Lynn- 8/4/14

Happy Birthday

Ms. Tina- 7/16

Ms. Shoshana- 7/18

Ms. Angelica- 7/23

Ms. Jessica- 8/7

Ms.Tatiana- 8/31


For Our Families



Let’s end the school year by having dinner together!

Thursday, August 24th

Starts at 5:30 PM TO 6:30 PM

Sign up to share your Specialty dish on the Sign-in book area. Discovery Isle will provide Hotdogs, buns & fixings.


Coming Up!

It’s that time again!!
Open House

Sat, August 5th

10:00am to 1:00pm
Invite your friends & family. Remember you get a tuition credit for every family you refer that enrolls! $$$ in your pocket!


Don’t Forget!

New Tuition rates apply this month!

Calling all School Age Parents!

Do you have a child going to one of our local public schools and have no idea what to do for after school care and school breaks?
Let us help you! Discovery Isle is now accepting enrollment for Before & After school care including Winter, Spring and Summer breaks! Some of the services provided to your child are safe transportation to & from school, quality care, breakfast & snack, assistance with homework, internet viewing system and lots of fun activities!
With gas prices up and a lack of quality school age programs we realize there is a huge need for this care. So if you have a child between the ages of 5 to 12 years old who will attend Discovery Elementary or Double Peak Elementary we have a program for you! Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today! See the front desk for more details!

Christy’s Crafty Corner
Summer Time is all about fun times and making memories! Hours of entertainment! This is a great Summer Sensory activity that your child can help you make and learn at the same time.

Supplies Need:1 Elmer’s Glitter Glue
1 Cup Water
1 tsp. Borax
1 Tb Water
{ You can replace the Glitter Glue for regular white glue to make normal slime }
Instructions:Mix 1 tsp. Borax and 1 Cup water together.
You can find the Borax at your local stores in the Laundry section. Call me crazy but I love the box. Have your little helper empty the Glitter Glue into a bowl. Oh the anticipation! Add 1 TB. Water to the glue and mix it together. This will help the glue to become a little more flexible. Then pour the Borax mixture inside of the bowl.
Let their little hands work the magic as they combine the glue and the mixture together. Right away you will see how the Glitter Slime will start to form. I love this part when you hear them say oooh and cool at the same time! Isn’t it pretty?

From the Education Department

Going on a Picture Walk

The ability to predict the typical structure of a story is an important part of reading comprehension. Even before your child has the ability to sound out words and recognize letter combinations, he or she can begin to develop comprehension by interpreting pictures. The ability to understand a story through pictures helps build background knowledge essential for successful reading and strengthens visual thinking.

A picture walk is a fun way to practice “reading” pictures. The picture walk encourages your child to rely on pictorial clues to decipher the story’s plot, make predictions, and build comprehension skills.

Here’s how to picture walk with your child:
Select a book that has bright, colorful pictures that will appeal to your child’s interests.
Read aloud the title and author, allowing your child to examine the cover.
Ask your child what he or she believes the book will be about based on the title and cover picture.
Without reading the text, slowly flip through the pages of the book with your child.

Ask questions on each page to encourage your child to make predictions about the character’s actions. For example, “What is the little boy doing?” or “Why do you think the elephant is wearing a tutu?”
Vaguely respond to your child’s answers to avoid giving away the storyline. For example, “Maybe, we’ll have to see. Let’s keep looking through the pictures and then we can read to find out for sure.”

When you have completed your picture walk, read the story aloud to your child. Ask your child short questions while reading the story, but do not interrupt the flow of the storyline.

After reading the book aloud, ask your child questions to relate his or her predictions to the actual outcome of the story. For example, “Now that you know what happened, why was the elephant wearing a tutu?” or “What would you have done if you were the elephant?” If they are developmentally ready, ask your child how the story was similar to or different from the original predictions.

With these simple steps, you will create a meaningful, fun, and skill-building experience for your child. The next time that your child wants to hear a story, take a walk together first. A picture walk that is…
Lauren Starnes,PhD- Director of Early Childhood

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