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January News 2017

From the Principal’s Office

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Good times were had but It’s time to get back to normal! A BIG WELCOME goes out to all our new families that have joined our Discovery Isle. A huge thank you goes out to all our giving parents who participated in our food drive!  I know all your contributions have helped put a smile on the faces of many local families. We thank you for your kindness and continued support. We plan to start off the New Year pretty mellow. Time flies and before you know it more school events will be coming! This month we have several “Discovery Isle Spirit Days” planned as well as children assessments. Additionally, registration time for soon to be Kindergarteners will be coming up along with registration for summer camp (applies to school age children). And lastly it’s everybody’s favorite tax season so let us know how we can help you.! Maybe it’s not such a mellow month after all! All forms will be ready at the front desk. The New Year brings new beginnings and new friends to form future memories. We look forward to sharing these with you and your family for the 2017 year. Until next month.. Christy Lang

Calendar of Events

1/6/17 Duck Dynasty Spirit Day

1/10/17 Class Colors Spirit Day

1/16/17 School Closed

1/19/17 Crazy Slipper Spirit Day

1/21/17 Open House 10 AM- 1 PM

1/24/17 Special Guest- Flossy the Rabbit 10 AM

1/27/17 Tie-Dye Spirit Day

1/31/17 Backwards Spirit Day


Attention Parents!

Guest Appearance on the 24th at 10:00 a.m.

Flossy the Rabbit will be here to teach the children all about good oral hygiene.  It should be a “toothriffic” presentation!


 Save the Date and Spread the Word!

Open House will Soon Be Here!

When: Saturday, January 21st
Time: 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Where: Right here at Discovery Isle San Marcos

Come see what the children have been learning and creating!  Invite friends and neighbors!  Spread the word how great we are!  Write a great Yelp review and get free pizza lunch for a month!!



Remember, we are closed on the 16th for Martin Luther King Day.


New this Year

Each month we will highlight one children’s author and discuss ways to read aloud that will foster early literacy skills needed for a life of reading achievement.  This month’s author is: Leo Lionni.
As you read with your child, engage them in conversation about the text and illustrations to develop vocabulary and critical thinking skills along with a love for books!  These are a few of his high quality picture books and come highly recommended!

Fish is Fish
Tico and the Golden Wings
A Color of His Own

Christy’s Crafty Creations
This is my obsession…CRAFTS! Pinterest, Martha Stewart, Spoonful.com, I love them all. They share such wonderful ideas as well as a lot are free if you-do-it-yourself. And let me tell you, if I can do it so can you too!

New Years Time Capsule

Add photos, toys, letters, and other fun keepsakes. It’s a great activity for kids and parents to do together. Supplies needed: Time capsule label, jar or shoe box, small memorabilia.  How to make it: Choose a label that will fit the size of your container and fill in the following information: the date you will seal the time capsule, the date you will open the capsule and your last name. Glue the label onto your time capsule container. Fill your capsule with small photos, coins, letters or keepsakes. Seal your container and place into a plastic bag to protect it. Find a nice spot to bury your time capsule or hide it in a secret nook in your home. Dig it up the next year.


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