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December News

Can you believe it; the end of the year has arrived! We made it
With that we know this is a very busy time for all of us, but through all the hustle and bustle the season brings we hope you can find some time to join us for some special Holiday events:
Dec. 3rd: Snow Day! Join us in making snow!
Dec. 6th: Hanukkah Begins
Dec. 7th-11th: Classroom Caroling!
Dec. 18th: Holiday Festival– 6:00pm-7:45pm (Wear Holiday attire)
Dec. 22nd: Wear your favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater!!
** Please check with your child’s class for party schedules**

And also please check the front office for last minute events
Scheduled school closures:
Don’t forget to mark your calendars for CLOSED school days.

Dec. 24th: School closed
Dec. 25th: School Closed
Dec. 31st: School closed
January 1st: School Closed

Our Annual Holiday Festival:
Friday, December the 18th we will be having our Annual Holiday Festival from 6:00pm to 7:45pm. ALL families are welcomed and encouraged to join us for Hot Chocolate and tons of Holiday activities! And of course we could not have our festival without a VERY special someone…

Cost is $5.00 per family
Holiday Toy Drive
We will be taking part in the 13th Annual Holiday Toy Drive for Casa De Amparo. We have been matched with 2 wonderful children in this community. You have the honor of playing Santa, and fulfilling their Christmas wish list! Please bring your new unwrapped gift to Discovery Isle before Dec. 17th. Our school age program will personally be delivering the gifts to the donation center.
Thank you advance!
We have noticed over the past couple of months a number of families have been leaving children unattended in their cars. This is against the law! Even if you are just running in to drop off one child or picking something up, it can be very dangerous!
A Letter from our Education Department:

Exploring Holiday Traditions from Around the World
The holiday season is here, providing a wealth of opportunities to enrich the children’s understanding of diverse cultures and traditions around the world. In addition, our students will share their own traditions with others.
Below are age appropriate activities that we use in the classroom, as well as activities for you and your child to do at home.
BEGINNERS (ages 2-3):
In the classroom: As they near the age of two, children begin to recognize the sights and sounds of holidays celebrated by their family. Parents visit our classrooms to share holiday traditions, including unique books, songs and activities.
At home: Gather family photos and point out traditions, such as unwrapping presents, eating holiday dinner at grandma’s house, and making a snowman. Encourage your child to talk about what he sees in the photos.
Recommended reading: Children Around the World Celebrate Christmas by Christine Tangvald, Happy Hanukkah, Corduroy by Don Freeman, My First Kwanzaa by Karen Katz
In the classroom: Children sing holiday songs from around the world and are introduced to holiday symbols that they may see in their communities, such as Christmas trees or Hanukkah menorahs.
At home: Take a drive with your child or bring him to various holiday festivals in your community. Encourage him to look for and identify holiday decorations.
Recommended reading: Christmas Around the World by Calliope Glass, Hanukkah Hop by Erica Silverman, Li’l Rabbit’s Kwanzaa by Donna Washington
PRE-K/PRE-K2 (ages 4-5)
In the classroom: After learning about holiday traditions around the world, our older preschoolers identify countries on a globe. For example, they might learn about Diwali, the festival of lights, and then find India on the globe. They might make tamales; a dish often served on Christmas, and then finds Mexico on the globe.
– Lauren Starnes, PhD- Director of Early Childhood Education

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