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August Newsletter

Message from the Principal

Summer time is in full swing and fall is just around the corner!  …the weather is HOT HOT HOT. Please be sure to continue to apply sunscreen to your child before coming to school.  Please make sure that your child has a complete SUNSCREEN FORM and sunscreen on-site. We will be happy to re-apply in the afternoon before going outside. *We can not borrow or share sunscreen.

We have some amazing theme based activities planned this August. Our Imaginary trip continues with a visit to France… Ooh-la-la! So much learning and exploring!

Important dates

Please see our Special event calendar. They are available in the front office and the calendar is always posted on the front door.

Reminder: Tuition is due the first day of each month.

Every Friday is “Pizza Friday” (This is an optional lunch program, cost:$5.00)



No checks necessary!  Enroll in our Automatic Payment Program and never write another check for your monthly tuition or pay another late payment.  Tuition can be automatically deducted from your checking account.  You can find more information about ACH in the front office.  Let us help you sign up today!

Sign In/Out

Please remember to make sure to sign your child in and out each day.  In case of emergency, we use the sign in and out sheets to confirm who is in our care. In addition, Community Care Licensing requires a parents full signature in and out.

Illness reminders

Discovery Isle encourages safeguarding the health of young children by requesting parents to follow certain guidelines. Your child should not be brought to the center if, within the last 24 hours, the child has had a fever, diarrhea, vomiting , or other illnesses that could be contagious/given to peers or teachers.  Doctors clearances are often requested, please contact the front office for any questions. In addition, it is important that families have some form of  alternate care for your child on such occasions. We thank you for  your help & support and  look forward to a safe, happy and healthy school year!

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