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July News

Welcome to the NEW school year!
Thank you for helping us start the new year off with a bang! We hope everyone is having an easy transition. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help out.
Just as a reminder school closes at 6:00pm. We ask that you arrive before 6:00pm so you are able to retrieve your child’s belongings, and hear about their day. Please be considerate of our staff’s schedules- they are off at 6:00pm and have families of their own to go home to.
Thank you
As we can already tell it is going to be a hot one!! Please remember to ALWAYS pack a water bottle for your child, and please try to make sure EVERYTHING you send to school is labeled with your child’s name on it.
We understand that wearing flip-flops can make life easier and cooler, but for your child’s safety, please send them to school in closed toed shoes each day. Medication and Sunscreen Policy Reminder Just a friendly reminder that our medication policy states that we can only administer medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor. We cannot administer over the counter medication without a doctor’s note with explicit instructions on how to administer it. Regarding sunscreen, if you would like your child’s teacher to apply sunscreen throughout the summer months, please complete the “Sunscreen Authorization Form” located in the front office. We ask that you bring your child in their own sunscreen and apply a coat of sunscreen before they come to school. All sunscreen will be applied after nap unless noted differently by a parent.
Signing In and Out:
Note that the sign in books are now located in your child’s classroom. Please make sure to sign your child in and out each day. In case of emergency, we use the sign in and out sheets to confirm who is in our care.
In addition, “Community Care Licensing” requires a parent’s full signature.
Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Please watch for the exciting weekly events listed below:
• July 2nd: Wear Red, White, and Blue to show your support for America!
• July 10th: National Teddy Bear Picnic Day- Bring your best furry friend and have a picnic with us.
• July 16th: Popsicle Day!
• July 22nd: Snow Day! Join us in making snow today

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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