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November News


Message from the Principal:

Can you believe it is November already? Being busy sure makes the time fly! We hope your family is healthy and happy this holiday season. We want to thank the families that helped us celebrate at the Halloween “Trunk or Treat” carnival. The children enjoyed seeing each other in their costumes, and participating in the fun and games. We appreciate your commitment to decorating your trunks, your participation made this all possible. We look forward to celebrating the holidays with you at our Winter Wonderland in December! Take a peek at our November Murrieta Maritime for further details.

We at Discovery Isle sincerely appreciate your continued support. Many of you have referred family and friends to our school, and received our family referral credit. To show our gratitude for referring a family who enrolls, you can receive up to a week of FREE tuition off of one month’s tuition for each new family you refer that enrolls in one of our (9) locations.

From our family to yours, the Discovery Isle staff wishes your family a very happy and thankful holiday this month!

– Renee Espinosa, Principal


  • Flexible Scheduling – Does your child attend part-time? Are there days that you have appointments, and think your child would much rather be at school instead of running around town with you? Need just a few hours to get things done around the house? We offer additional days (either full or part days, based on availability) for days just like those! Check with the front office for pricing and availability.
  • Lunch Program – Did you know that we offer a yummy, affordable lunch program each month?  You can order lunch 2-5 days a week, or on an emergency, day-to-day, basis. Our lunch options include items such as chicken nuggets, pizza, grilled cheese, spaghetti and meatballs sliders, pasta and mac-n-cheese. All lunches are served with milk or juice, and fruit or a vegetable.  Menus are available on our website. Inquire at the front desk for more information.
  • Internet Viewing System – Just a reminder that if you are not taking advantage of our Internet Viewing System, you should! Receiving access is as simple as requesting an application in the front office. We have grandparents from other states who enjoy watching their grandchild in class, loved ones stationed over seas who enjoy seeing their child everyday, and parents who just like to take advantage of the fact that even though they are at work/home, they can peek in on their child at anytime during the day!
  • Check us out on Facebook – Like us on Facebook to see great activities and learning opportunities that are taking place at our school as well as the various Discovery Isle locations in Riverside and San Diego County!

Extracurricular Activities:

Students have the opportunity to sign up for a variety of activities, such as sports, music, and gym. Life outside of school can be hectic, and we’re here to accommodate parents’ busy schedules. Below is a list of the activities we offer:

Tuesday: Busy Bee Cheerleading
Busy Bee is a mobile movement company that offers an action packed enrichment program. Classes are 45 minutes long for 3-5 year olds.

Wednesday: Busy Bee Fitness/Sports
Busy Bee’s Fitness/Sports program will keep children moving! This action packed class will teach children drills, speed, agility, enhance motorskills, and teach the basic technique in several sports. Classes are 45 minutes long for 3-5 year olds.

Thursday: Musical Kids
“All children love to sing and dance. Here’s your opportunity to inspire creative confidence through music, dance, and theater.” Our goal is to give kids another creative outlook in an environment they already feel comfortable in. Our experienced instructor will come to your school four times a month. Classes are 45 minutes long for 3-5 year olds and 30 minutes for 2 year olds.

Friday: Fun-Nastics
Gymnastic Classes for Preschoolers. Fun for Boys & Girls! Fun-nastics is an outreach gymnastics program for children in preschool. The weekly classes are led by Fun-nastic’s highly qualified and dedicated teachers, and incorporate music, games, tumbling, and gymnastics to create a fun and exciting learning experience for your child. The Fun-nastics program strives to promote strength, flexibility, and most important self confidence. Parents are always welcome to observe classes and enjoy the fun with us! Our goals for your child: health & fitness, coordination, self-confidence, social skills, flexibility and rhythm. Fun-Nastics classes are 45 minutes long for 3-5 year olds.

News from our Education Department:

Enter the World of Imaginative Play

Think of the last time your child pretended that a paper towel roll was a magic wand, or put on a hat and became a cowboy. Young children are naturally wired to learn through imaginative play. Sometimes, imaginative play may appear to be just idle time, unstructured or less productive than educational activities such as music lessons, dance class, or karate. Yet, it is through imaginative play experiences that children make sense of the world, establish important self-regulation skills, and process academic content at a higher level.

Below are some ways that we encourage imaginative play in the classroom and some ideas to try at home.

Provide time for unstructured play. In our classrooms, we give students the opportunity to choose from various structured learning activities, while also allowing time for imaginative play. During circle time, for example, children may become very interested in a story about farm life. The teachers then allow them to go outside, create their own “farm” in the sandbox using props, and pretend to be farmers. Through this activity, children develop cognitive skills such as sustained attention, problem solving and sequential memory. At home, you can make up an indoor campsite with your child using sleeping bags, pillows, toy food, cooking utensils and pots. Ask your child “What should we make for dinner?” or “What games do you want to play while we camp?”

Give children a variety of materials so they can make their own props. In our classrooms, students use cardboard boxes and art supplies to create pirate ships and castles. Some students may create a kitchen out of boxes and pretend to be chefs in their own restaurant. They practice writing skills by creating a menu, and use culinary-themed vocabulary to communicate with their restaurant patrons. By participating in this activity, students practice taking turns, sharing and listening to others. Give your child art supplies and a box at home and see their imagination run wild. Let your child’s interests lead and shape the play.

Engage in imaginative play, but don’t direct it. As children create an imaginative experience, our teachers allow them to make the rules, define the play experience and direct roles. For instance, they may choose a student to decide how the class should move around the room. Should they move around like bumblebees, mice or robots? The teacher doesn’t direct the play, but instead asks questions such as “What can I be?” or “What should I do?” As the students move around, they practice balance, coordination, body control and spatial awareness. You can do the same at home by asking your child to choose a different animal for both of you to imitate.

In summary, imaginative play is not only fun for children but it is vital for their development. It allows children to take the lead in a world that is usually very directed for them, and to learn and play through self-expression.

– Lauren Starnes, PhD- Director of Early Childhood Education

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